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Translations by Hilary Parnfors

As readers we are constantly aware of codes that a text is communicating via a myriad of different signals such as tonality, style, slang or terminology. 

Good language is crucial for good communication. That after all is the point of language. And little words can make a BIG difference. 
Make sure that your texts reach the highest standard and get your message across in the best possible way to demonstrate your linguistic prowess.
Let me transform your texts into beautiful English, be they press releases, advertisements, academic journal articles, annual reports or literary texts.I have so far translated more than 1,000,000 words since 2011.
Contact me for the following services:

  • Translation from Swedish and German into English
  • Proofreading and perfection of English texts

I promise intuitive service and a dedicated attitude. Read more about my core values here.

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